Weekend Sale Coupon Codes

Info & Coupon Codes

Below you will find the coupon codes for our Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale. Unfortunately, you will have to add each individual coupon code to your cart for the discounts. You can add multiple coupons per cart. Please note that once the order is placed, we are unable to discount your order, so be sure you have all of the discounts added.

For the Buy 2 Get 1 Free vape products, you must add two of the same vape product to your cart (the strain can be different). Once you are in the cart screen, apply the coupon for that vape product and then you will see a “Free Gift” option to select your free vape product. It can kind of be confusing, so if you are having issues, email us at info@steveshemp.com.

If a product runs out of stock, it will be open for Pre-Orders. If you order a product in Pre-Order status, it will ship within 1-3 weeks of the order date.

Below are the discount codes:

50% Off CBD Gummies & Tinctures: CBD50

B2G1 CBD Cartridges: CBDCARTB2G1

B2G1 Delta-8 Cartridge: D8CARTB2G1

5-Pack: D8C5B2G1
10-Pack: D8C10B2G1

B2G1 Delta-10 Cartridge: D10CARTB2G1

5-Pack: D10CART5B2G1
10-Pack: D10CART10B2G1

B2G1 HHC Cartridge: HHCCARTB2G1

5-Pack: HHCCART5B2G1
10-Pack: HHCCART10B2G1

B2G1 Delta-8 Disposable: D8DISPOB2G1

5-Pack: D8DISPO5B2G1
10-Pack: D8DISPO10B2G1

B2G1 Delta-8 Sleep Disposable: D8SLEEPB2G1

B2G1 Delta-10 Disposable: D10DISPOB2G1

5-Pack: D10DISPO5B2G1
10-Pack: D10DISPO10B2G1

B2G1 HHC Disposable: HHCDISPOB2G1

10-Pack: HHCDISPO10B2G1

B2G1 THC-O Disposable: THCODISPOB2G1

10-Pack: THCODISPO10B2G1

50% Off Delta-9 Fat Boy: 50FATBOY

10% Off Branded Merch Excluding Stickers: MERCH10

35% Off Everything Else Excluding Holiday Bundle: 35BFCM

This sale ends Monday, November 28 at 11:59PM CST.